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Thu, 9th Oct. 2008, 11:47
Tit for Tatt

Title: Tit for Tatt

Spoilers: None.
Setting: Anywhen.
Rating: 14+
Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. are the property of their respective owners. The original characters and plot are the property of the author. The author is in no way associated with the owners, creators, or producers of any media franchise. No copyright infringement is intended.

Warnings: Contains slightly adult joke - nothing explicit.

A/N: As always, wonderfully beta'd by Kiky - Thanks Kiky.

Tit for Tatt

“It’s their custom, McKay. I don’t like the idea either, but if we don’t do it, they’ll take it as an insult. Look, it doesn’t have to be a big tattoo. Maybe a small Canadian flag on your shoulder? That would be cool, right?” John knew that he had only a minuscule chance of persuading the scientist, but the rewards of having these people as their allies would be well worth the effort.

Rodney stopped, and turned towards him, a look of incredulity on his face. “I can’t believe you’re saying this, Sheppard. Are you insane? Even if I foolishly chose to ignore the almost inevitable blood poisoning issues, I would still say ‘no’. I am not getting another tattoo.” The Canadian stomped off along the winding path towards the Stargate, taking five angry steps before he even noticed that he was not being followed.

John had frozen in place. He couldn't have just heard what he thought he'd heard; could he? The sentence didn’t make any sense. Unless… “Another tattoo?” His mind balked at the idea. “You have a tattoo?”
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Mon, 30th Jun. 2008, 16:14
Meet the Hewletts - Thistle Hotel London Saturday 28th June 2008


My alarm clock failed to go off, so I didn't wake up until 7.11am! Quick shower and check-out from the Sheraton then across the road to the Thistle, throw bags in the boot of the car and get to the door to join the queue. I was surprised how short the queue was, by that time on a Saturday at Pegasus Con, there's usually a lot more people queuing, but I was very near the front. Just after 10am they started letting us in in groups of 10 to register and buy photoshoot tickets.

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Wed, 30th Jan. 2008, 13:21
Pegasus 3 Con Report

I arrived a lot earlier than last year and actually managed to get photo-shoot tickets for the Saturday. I got tickets for a photo-shoot with Paul and one with Torri... I would have got one with Andee too, if I’d realised just how much fun she was. I had just enough time to go over the road and check in to my room at the Sheraton before I had to be back for the ‘Meet-and-Greet’. OK, this meant that I didn’t actually have time to eat, but I’d had a big bowl of porridge for breakfast so I thought I’d survive.

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Thu, 7th Jun. 2007, 08:53
Dead Ringer - Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Rodney McKay drew the rough, brown blanket closer around himself and pulled his knees up to his chest. He wasn’t cold; in fact the heat from the planet’s twin suns was stifling, but he felt deeply uncomfortable in just his boxers and socks. His uniform and boots had been taken from him within minutes of his capture; indignant protests earning him a cuff to the face that he felt sure had loosened a tooth.

He sat in utter dejection on the dirt floor of the small wooden hut, and listened to shouting voices outside. There had been the sound of a single gunshot a few minutes earlier, and, although Rodney wasn’t an expert, it had sounded to him very much like a 9mm. His heart had leapt with the sudden hope that the rest of his team had somehow managed to escape and were coming to free him, but, as the minutes passed with no further sign of rescue, he sank back down into total misery.

Eventually, the shouting stopped and Rodney sat in silence, his active mind filling his imagination with ever more bleak scenarios.

A creak of hinges made him look up with a start as the door opened and a tall, grey-haired man stepped into the hut.

“Please, don’t get up, Dr McKay.” There was something about the way he said it that instantly stopped Rodney in the act of scrambling to his feet. The man was smiling pleasantly, but his eyes held no humour.

Rodney sat back down and pulled the blanket even closer around his shoulders. Despite the heat, he felt a sudden chill run through him.

“We haven’t been introduced,” The older man hunkered down until he was on a level with McKay and offered his hand in greeting. “My name is Bartos, Commander Marek Bartos.”

Rodney automatically held out his own hand. The Commander’s handshake was firm and businesslike, but he held McKay’s hand just a moment longer than Rodney was comfortable with before allowing him to let go.

“Where are my team?” Rodney’s question came out high-pitched and way too fast, the words tumbling over each other. He cursed his nervousness, but managed to hold the Commander’s eye until he replied.

“By now your people will have left through the Stargate.”

“Well, that’s obviously not true, they wouldn’t just leave me.” He shot the man an uneasy look and tried to force his voice to sound less terrified, but even to his own ears he knew it had sounded like a whine.

“I doubt that even your Colonel Sheppard would bring his team into a war zone, simply to retrieve a corpse.”

Rodney found himself backing even further from the genially smiling man, his heart beating wildly.

“Oh, don’t look so worried, Dr McKay.” Bartos reached forward and gave him a reassuring pat on the arm. “I haven’t gone to all this trouble merely to kill you.”

Now Rodney could feel his shoulder blades digging into the wood of the wall behind him, but there was nowhere for him to go.

The creaking of the door dragged his eyes away from Bartos. A younger soldier stepped smartly into the hut and saluted his Commander.

“Ah, Gavell, you’re back.” Bartos straightened smoothly to his feet. “There were no problems with the plan.” It was a comment rather than a question but the soldier’s response was immediate.

“No, Sir, I didn’t even have to present them with the opportunity to escape; Colonel Sheppard did that for himself.” He rubbed his chest ruefully as he spoke.

“I expected nothing less from the Colonel.” Bartos’ broad smile appeared to be one of genuine amusement. “And where are they now?”

“Colonel Sheppard and his team have left through the Stargate.”

At Gavell’s reply, Rodney felt his heart sink. They had gone without him?

“You have the address.” Again, the Commander’s words weren’t a question.

Gavell took a folded sheet of paper from his pocket and handed it to Bartos who glanced at it briefly.

“It seems that they have gone to Tiritol.” He looked down at McKay and raised his eyebrows as if expecting a response, but Rodney frowned back, the name meant nothing to him. “Ah, you know it as M2K-842, it’s where your Major Lorne and his team are investigating a report that a Wraith Dart has crashed in the mountains.”

Bartos absently tapped a finger on the paper in thought. “It will take Colonel Sheppard about an hour to contact the Major and then I fully expect him to return here, accompanied by Major Lorne’s team. When he finds nothing here, he will return to Atlantis.”

McKay felt his heart jump again at the casual mention of Atlantis. Despite the situation, he was beginning to wonder exactly how Bartos had gathered his information, and what the hell they wanted with him. His eyes flicked rapidly as he considered a number of possibilities, before focussing on the hand that Bartos was holding out to him.

“Come, Dr McKay, we should be leaving.”

Rodney ignored the proffered hand. “No,” he said, lifting his chin stubbornly, “I’m not going anywhere. You can either kill me now or let me wait here for my team.” He could hear his own breath, rapid in his nostrils, as he clenched his jaw in determination.

The outstretched hand remained steady. “You are coming with us, Dr McKay.” Bartos’ voice now held an edge of steel, and Rodney huddled tighter in his blanket. “If it will help you to co-operate, you should know that very soon this entire camp, and everything in it, will be destroyed. As I said earlier, Colonel Sheppard will find nothing here when he returns.”

The Commander paused, but Rodney still refused to move, his heart now thumping in his chest.

Bartos lowered his hand. Turning around to leave the hut, his voice hardened. “Gavell, bring him. Use whatever force you deem necessary. Just remember, I need him alive.”

McKay’s eyes widened as the younger soldier stepped towards him with a grin.

Rodney had no doubt now that he was in the hands of a psychopath and he felt his determination falter.

Without a backward glance, Bartos left the hut, the door slowly swinging closed behind him.
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Fri, 1st Jun. 2007, 08:04
Dead Ringer - Chapter 1

Chapter 1

“John, what has happened?” Sheppard was only dimly aware of Teyla’s urgent question. “John?” The Colonel’s eyes remained locked on McKay’s unmoving body, his shocked brain refusing to function.

“Sheppard?” Ronon’s muscles had bunched at the sound of the shot, ready for action, waiting for the order to attack.

Still, Sheppard knelt in silence.

“Well, Colonel, do we have a trade?” It was the Commander’s impassive query that finally cut through John’s paralysis. He turned in uncontrolled fury to face the standing man, his hands straining at his bindings until the thin cord cut into his wrists, drawing a line of blood which dripped, unnoticed, onto the dry earth.

Their captor smiled and took a step towards him, calmly raising the 9mm once again, until John found himself gazing down the still-smoking barrel of the gun. He tensed, all physical pain forgotten, as he fought against his bonds, powerless to launch himself at Rodney’s murderer.

Time slowed. Even through his burning anger, John could see the Commander's finger tightening on the trigger, but, before he could do more, a young soldier burst in through the door and hurriedly snapped a salute.

“Sir, rebel forces have made our position. They’re bringing up heavy artillery onto the ridge.” The young man looked nervously at his commanding officer, who lowered the gun with a smile and coolly turned away from Sheppard’s rage to acknowledge the soldier’s salute.

“Give the order to move out.” The younger man nodded and hastily left the room, shouting orders as soon as he was clear of the door.

Directing a composed look at the soldier at Sheppard’s side, the Commander spoke again. “The prisoners are your responsibility, Gavell. Take good care of them.” Without waiting for a reply, he turned and walked from the room with an easy stride.

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Tue, 1st May. 2007, 12:57
Get Down - WIP

“Get down, you idiot!”

Sheppard could see that McKay hadn’t heard his shout over the gunfire. The noise of the scientist’s P-90 drowned out everything around him for several more seconds before finally stuttering to a halt.

Across the clearing, two Wraith lay dead. Every bullet in them had come from McKay’s gun. The scientist wasn’t accurate; he had simply stood in front of the Wraith and fired until they both stopped moving.

As the echoes of gunfire died away Sheppard grabbed McKay firmly by the shoulder and spun him around. “What the hell was that about?” He glared angrily at the physicist, his look alone demanding an answer, but Rodney stood in silence, his breath coming in shorts bursts, his eyes bright and unfocussed.

“McKay!” Sheppard wasn’t going to let this go. The man had been standing out in the open; it was only by a miracle that they had surprised the Wraith early enough that neither had had a chance to fire back. “McKay!”

Blue eyes slowly focussed on the Colonel’s, and a slightly puzzled look crossed Rodney’s face.

“What’s the matter, Colonel?” He sounded vaguely confused by Sheppard’s tone.

“What the hell do you think you were doing?” Sheppard’s raised voice seemed to snap something in McKay and the shorter man bristled in anger.

“Killing Wraith!”

“By getting yourself killed?”

“In case you’ve forgotten, Colonel, we don’t have a ZPM now. The only way to protect Atlantis is to make sure that no Wraith get there.” McKay’s voice rose in volume, until the last words were all but a shout.

Sheppard stepped forward into Rodney’s personal space but the scientist refused to back down.

The Colonel took a deep breath. “I know you feel responsible for the ZPM being depleted, Rodney, but that doesn’t mean you have to personally take out every Wraith in the galaxy.” He paused, but he could see that he wasn’t getting through to the angry man.

Forcing himself to relax, John reached out a calming hand towards Rodney. “Listen to me, McKay. Getting yourself killed isn't going to..." The rest of Sheppard’s words were cut short as Ronon’s gun thundered behind him.

A third Wraith had unexpectedly appeared in the shadows. Alerted by the raised voices, he had plenty of time to aim and fire before Ronon's single shot dropped him.

McKay and the Wraith hit the ground at the same time.

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Wed, 21st Mar. 2007, 14:57

For no real reason, a few Traders screenshots.

Tue, 20th Feb. 2007, 11:22
Yet another Peg 2 Con report

This is in no particular order – It’s just what came to mind at any point over the week or so that followed the Con

I didn’t make any notes at the time, so I’m relying on my (fairly poor) memory. Please don’t take anything here as gospel ;-)

The down side – Lots of queues... long, long queues. Queues to get a ticket so that you didn’t have to queue later; yet, somehow, you still did.

The up side – pretty much everything else

I read Kate Hewlett’s blog on Friday, and she said that David had got food poisoning, so I was almost expecting him to cry off. But he didn’t. He seemed very quiet and subdued on Saturday, but on Sunday he was a lot more with it. He explained that he’d eaten a dodgy oyster five days earlier. He asked the lady at the front of the hall who was doing the sign language translation how she signed ‘dodgy oyster’ and she said that she’d changed it to ‘bad food’. David got a bit touchy about that, ;-) he thought he could make up some good signs for ‘dodgy oyster’

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

The first guy on stage was Dan Payne who plays the super soldier and several other characters who always die. He has a huge fan-base and was very entertaining. Most of his stories seemed to involve him being hurt or humiliated in some way. Like the one when he was playing a super soldier in SG1 and had to be buried then was supposed to burst out of the ground and start shooting people. They showed him a shallow grave and told him to lie in it, so he did. He waited for the crew to cover him with special light-weight soil, but they just started to shovel ordinary dirt over him. He had some way of breathing (I can’t remember what he said that was) but all he could hear was muffled instructions to keep still. When the director shouted what he assumed was ‘Action’ he scrabbled his way out of the grave and realised that the soil had blocked up all the gaps in his helmet so he couldn’t see or hear. He kept turning until someone shouted at him and then fired his gun in a random direction. Luckily, the shot was OK so he didn’t have to do it again. He looks like a ‘shaved gorilla’ according to Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol in BSG)

Ryan Robbins (Ladon Radim in SGA and Charlie Connor in BSG) was hilarious. He said he’d never been to a Con before and he paced about the stage constantly, much to the annoyance of everyone who was trying to take photos. Someone asked if, when Ladon became leader of his people, there was a ‘beard removing ceremony.’ He told us a story about how cross the SGA people were when he turned up shaved. Apparently, he loved his long hair and beard, but he got offered a role as a tank commander in a film, and they wanted him to get a military haircut and a shave. He tried to say no, but they kept offering him more money ;-) When he got to the film set on the first day, his role had been changed to a truck driver, so he needn’t have cut his hair.

There was a half-hour section with a couple of SGA Novel writers, but I had to phone my brother and missed most of it. 

Erin Chambers (Sora) was very sweet but totally unprepared. She went straight into a Q&A session and as no one had any questions for her immediately, she panicked a bit. After a couple of people had asked her some questions, she calmed down and was interesting. He husband was there (he’s called Carson McKay ;-) and when someone asked her if she enjoyed hitting Teyla or Carson in ‘The Eye’ she completely misunderstood the question and thought she was being asked if she ever hit her husband. The look on her face was one of total shock, until she realised what they really meant. She relaxed a lot more after that. Her husband came on stage and told us how he introduced himself to her. She was talking to a group of people and he couldn’t get near her to speak, so he wrote ‘Hi, my name is Carson’ on his hand and just shoved it in front of her face, then walked away. She followed him ;-)

After lunch, Aaron Douglas (Chief Tyrol in BSG) suddenly appeared as the Master of Ceremonies. One of the stewards told me later (in a queue ;-) that he hadn’t really been invited; he just turned up with Ryan, Chuck and Dan. Aaron Douglas could pack a hall as a stand-up comedian.

Ivy Isenberg is the casting person for both SG1 and SGA. She was very entertaining, talking about how she’d cast some of the actors. She told a story about how Jason Momoa arrived late at his final and most important audition for Ronon, wheezing and looking ill. When she told him off for being unprepared, he explained that his apartment had caught fire in the night and the fire crew had just left. He’d inhaled a lot of smoke, which was why he was wheezing. He still got the job though. She mentioned that Dean Cain had been in the running for the part of Sheppard (loud groans from the audience) and that Teri Hatcher was considered for Dr Weir (more loud groans). So without Ivy, we might have had ‘Lois and Clark in Space’

Then there was a surprise guest. Chuck Campbell (The Man With No Name ;-) walked on to the loudest cheer so far. He is another very funny guy. He told a story about how he was so pale in the pilot for SGA, that the lighting department complained that he couldn’t be a stand-in because they got the lighting right for the real actor, then he came along and everything looked burned-out. So they told him to get a fake spray tan, which turned him bright orange. Then the directors were cross that they couldn’t use him in shot. In fact, he told most of the best stories. Someone asked when he would get a name in the show and he said that in one episode near the end of Season 3, he walked into Weir’s office and Torri obviously wasn’t concentrating because she said ‘Yes, Chuck?’ then carried on with the scene. When the Director had said ‘Cut’ Chuck was expecting him to tell them to do it again, without using his name, but he just said ‘print.’ So TMWNN might be called Chuck. 

David Nykl was.... mad as a spoon. I’d heard that, in a previous Con that he’d come to, he was very reserved and not sure how to respond to such a fanatical audience, but this time he seemed totally relaxed and took the piss out of DH unmercifully. One person asked a question in Czech, which didn’t throw him at all – he translated it later for the rest of us.

Kate Hewlett was amazing. For saying that this was a Con where her brother was the main attraction, I’m sure she won over a lot of the audience. In fact, she seemed a lot more comfortable with it all than David (although, he was ill). She told us quite a few stories about their childhood, some of which I’ve read before on the net. Apparently, DH was a right brat ;-) She was asked what she would do if she was her brother for a day, her answer was ‘get a hair transplant.’

Then David came on. He sat down straight away and kept drinking from a can of coke, obviously not feeling well. The first thing I noticed is that he doesn’t look anything like McKay :-/ He looks much younger for a start (in fact, all of the guests looked at least five years younger than they do on TV) Someone asked if he was left-handed or right-handed and he explained that he’d tried to train himself as a child to be ambidextrous. He cleaned his teeth with one hand and held a spoon with the other etc. Then he said that he’d only recently noticed that McKay ‘spoke’ with one hand, so he was trying to get the other hand to do more work. Someone else asked if Tao of Rodney was the writer’s way of getting back at him for asking for an ep where McKay loses his voice. He told us how, in the chair scene where he’s reading Weir’s and Sheppard’s minds, Joe got his newspaper out because he had nothing to do ;-) I think it was a slight exaggeration, but I’m not totally sure ;-) He also had a few digs at Joe for not being as quick as he was on his cues. And at Torri for being thrown every time he goofed around right up to the moment the director said ‘action’.

When David finished, we all rushed outside to queue for photo shoot tickets. I wanted one for DH and DN together, but they’d all gone by the time I got there. I did get one with DH though. 

Then I went back to my brother’s for the evening. Apparently, the party didn’t end until about 3.00am and sounded like an absolute blast, but I thought I’d rather get some sleep.

Sunday was more of the same, but the guests kept sneaking into each other’s talks. It was much more relaxed and a great deal of fun. More stories, more jokes. Dan Payne walking on stage when DN and Chuck were insulting him and punching them both in the face; they take a punch extremely well ;-) DH teasing Kate unmercifully for not getting in until 5.00am. She kept on making it worse by saying things that sounded like she was having a drunken orgy in her room (or maybe she was ;-)

David was a complete star in the photo shoot. A word for everyone to help them to relax. And a hug 

Then the 3 hour queue for autographs. Which was TOTALLY worth it. 

The rest of this is just little snippets and notes that I remembered over the course of the next few days.

Re DH and food poisoning – To do all that at the best of times would be a trial for anyone, but to do it when you are feeling ill and haven’t really eaten for five days must have been a nightmare. Add to that the jet-lag...  There were a few times towards the end of Sunday when he was obviously getting very tired, but when you think that all he seemed to be living on was Coke... :-/ If it was humanly possible for him to go up any further in my estimation, then he would ;-)

I keep remembering bits of stories etc. Like, on the Sunday when Ryan came out on stage, he said that he’d been told not to pace about so much and to stand still with the microphone away from his mouth so that people could take photos. So he stood at the front of the stage and posed for photos, you can probably guess some of the poses he did – the ‘finger on lips, bum sticking out’ pose from girlie magazines was one of them ;-) Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera ready so I missed most of them. Then he started pacing around again, and a sign came up on the big screen behind him saying, “You’re pacing again... the cameramen are getting sea-sick...” He couldn’t work out why the whole audience suddenly burst out laughing until someone at the front pointed it out to him. So he sat down for about 10 seconds, before he had to get up and start pacing about again. Then a sign came up saying, “Please wait for technical adjustment.” and two stewards came on stage and duct-taped his feet to the floor.

And when someone asked DH if the air conditioning had been turned up on the Atlantis set during Season 2 – hinting at how well you could see his nipples during some scenes but not in others. He was on stage with Kate at the time and when she heard some of the comments being shouted out she was totally shocked, “I can’t believe someone asked you a question about your nipples.”

And Chuck talking about ‘The Emasculator’, which is a bit of the gate control panel (the piano, as he called it) which sticks out at an unfortunate height. It seems to be a rite of passage for male cast members to get hit in the groin when they accidentally walk into it. He also told us about the thing DH does where he pushes the chair out of the way with Chuck still in it. The fist time he did it, DH pushed him straight into ‘The Emasculator’ at chest height, “Thunk!”

That reminds me, DH was talking and he mentioned Carter appearing in Season 4 of Atlantis. He seemed very shocked when the whole audience started muttering. He said, ‘How can you not like Amanda Tapping?’ and then had to ask for people to talk one at a time because everyone was shouting out. I think he finally realised that everyone loved Amanda, they even loved Sam Carter, they just didn’t want her on Atlantis.

But on a less serious note ;-) DH does an amazing Joe Flannigan impression ;-)

Oh, I’ve just remembered that DH told us about how he proposed to Jane. He asked Jane’s Dad (who was at the Con and is a lovely man, very down-to-earth and not at all fazed by the whole fan thing ;-) in the spring if he could ask Jane to marry him.  Jane’s Dad gave his permission and David planned to take Jane on holiday and propose while they were away. Unfortunately, they couldn’t find a time when they were both free so they kept putting the holiday off (Jane shouted ‘We still haven’t had the holiday’ at this point). All through the summer and autumn, David was making jokes about how he was never going to ask Jane to marry him, and she was saying she wouldn’t accept, even if he did. By the beginning of winter David was getting a bit worried that she meant it ;-) So he decided to put an engagement ring in Jane’s Christmas stocking. Anyway (BTW, DH does say ‘anyways’ so maybe it’s a Canadian thing ;-) David got a clean pair of socks ready to use as Christmas stockings, then, just before they went to bed, he put the ring in the toe of a sock and put other little presents in as well. Unfortunately, he was tired and he used the socks that he’d just taken off instead of the clean ones, so the ring was a bit smelly. Luckily, Jane accepted it anyway. - DH said that they found the dirty socks in the washing (there was still a cashew (?) nut in the toe) and they have saved them as the ‘engagement socks’

As an aside, DH explained how he always called Jane’s Dad ‘Mr Loughman’ – but Jane’s Dad insisted that he called him ‘Don’ so DH started calling him ‘Mr Don Loughman’. Now he calls him ‘Mr Don Loughman-in-law’

DN and Chuck were on stage together at one point, and someone asked them an off-the-wall question. ‘If you were a piece of technical equipment, what would you be?’ After the bemused silence that followed, DN said, ‘I’d be a blender’ and Chuck came back with, ‘I’d be a vibrator’. The look on DN’s face spoke volumes - You could see him thinking, ‘I can’t believe you just said that to a room packed full of female fans’. Then the next person started their question with ‘This is another off-the-wall question...’ before she could ask it, DN answered, ‘I’d be a lemon.’ And Chuck snapped back, ‘I’d be a vibrator!’

DH told a story about how he was allergic to pineapples. That didn’t stop his parents giving him pineapple when he was a child, because they didn’t pander to little things like that ;-) and all that happened was that his lips swelled up. When he left home and got his own apartment, the first night he decided to eat a whole pineapple since no one would see his swollen lips. This time, instead of just his lips swelling up, his throat started to swell too and he couldn’t breathe. He rang his Dad, who’s a doctor, and his Dad got him to the hospital.

He also mentioned that he's lactose intolerant, as are most of his family except Kate, but she told us that she’s allergic to apples.

DN was asked the question, ‘What is the one thing you would like Radek to do?’ To which he answered, ‘Elizabeth Weir.’ After the general screaming had died down a bit he added, ‘Or maybe Teyla.’ Then he weighed up the two responses from the audience using his hands as scales, ‘Weir?’ ‘Teyla?’ Then someone shouted out, ‘Sheppard?’ and he did the stunned look that he gave Rodney when he was being nice to him in Tao. Before he could speak again, someone else shouted ‘Rodney?’ This time his response was an immediate ‘No! Never! Never in a million years!’

Later he said that he’d like to see Radek fencing, since he’s a fencer himself. He gave us a quick demo (without a sword ;-)

Elizabeth seemed to be the fantasy of many of the characters. Ryan hinted that Ladon had a crush on her. He actually said that Ladon had a crush on someone on Atlantis but didn’t protest too much when the first guess from the audience was Elizabeth (although John and Ronon were also mentioned.) And Chuck also stated that his character fancied Elizabeth.

That reminds me of another thing. Someone asked DN and Chuck what their one personal item would be. After it had been explained to them that each member of the Atlantis expedition was allowed to take one item from Earth (they didn’t seem to know that, Chuck said, ‘Hey, I don’t watch the show, I just read the lines’ ;-) DN decided that Zelenka’s item was a still which he kept in his room. Chuck first of all went for a baseball glove, then changed his mind and decided on a blow-up sex doll. ‘It gets lonely out in space.’

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